News at IDL Motors
2016 April |  Debut of Breather technology at Nordbygg in Stockholm       
2013-08-17 |  Aztec Trade Show 2013       
2013-07-09 |  Breather Ventilation awarded research grant       
2013-07-07 |  Energy Recovery Ventilation System       
2016-07-01 |  Breather Ventilation receives another research grant       
2014-06-06 |  Breather Ventilation receives a grant from "Campaign for job creation"       
2015-04-01 |  Premiere of Breather technology at "The Engineer Day" in Iceland       
2014-03-27 |  Breather Ventilation awarded Islandsbanki innovation grant       
2014-03-16 |  Breather Ventilation on Scandinavian Investment Network       
2015-03-12 |  Breather Ventilation presented at Iceland Geothermal event       
2014-02-17 |  CTO of Breather Ventilation publishes an article in DesignNews       
2016-12-10 |  IDL Motors and Breather Ventilation forms Strategic Alliance with Falcon America       
2014-11-18 |  The Breather presented for Samál, 2014-11-18       
2016-11-17 |  Breather Ventilation exhibiting at ISH       
2016-11-14 |  Breather Ventilation exhibiting at AHR-EXPO       
2014-10-24 |  Major update on the product development       

Toy trains

Christmas gifts

 Welcome to IDL MOTORS!


IDL Motors (fka Industrial Design Laboratories) is a technology shop for thin and ultra-thin radial and linear motors, including integrated world's thinnest motor-blowers/motor-coolers and associated self-contained heat transfer units.

We have accumulated decades of experience with Linear and Radial Drive configurations and designs featuring low-noise, ultra-high reliability and outstanding performance. Our team has been granted more than 120 patents worldwide.


At our San Diego facility we carry out R&D, a variety of simulations, engineering development and small-quantity production. For larger quantities we leverage our long-term standing relationships with cost-effective outsourced manufacturers, capable of implementing our technologies. We also transfer licensed production to our customers.


Our company launched the breakthrough linear propulsion systems that propel MINI MOtion trains, racing cars and any other small objects along a thin track.


Unique breakthrough IDL technologies solve critical problems in many market segments for radial and linear drives: embedded computing; computing industry, particularly 1U servers, where the demand for computing power is ever-increasing driving cooling demands beyond manageable; HVAC and industrial ventilation; defense and aerospace; automotive industry et al.


For an ordinary challenge with a need to build a new type of device or develop a thermal management solution, there are a variety of standard ways to achieve that. However, when the challenge is extraordinary, IDL solutions are unmatched and unique in their performance, efficiency, cost, form factor and reliability.


Navigate through our products and see for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

collectible toy trains

Moving Toy Trains

IDL Motors  is a popular name in technology with their near about sixty years experiences in linear and Radial Drive outline and designs. The company introduces  the revolutionary linear propulsion systems that moves Toy Trains. We are recently introduces such model trains with attractive features as Christmas gifts. We have designed a decorated Christmas Tree, and a small Christmas toy train  moves  around it. It is an unique piece that must enhance your room’s beauty. We have the huge collections of collectible toy trains. If you realy interested in model trains and want it to be used as a decorating element for your house then you have understand first the process of how to choose model scale trains. And you must need train sets  and mesuring tape for that. Whenever  you see a Moving Toy Train is taking round and round on a table at your entertainment place, you along with your children feel the joyous moment of that wonderful sight.