IDL breakthrough technology provides high efficiency compact designs by integrating our motor technology into large diversity of applications such as fans, blowers, electronic coolers, HVAC systems, linear drives and etc. by making, at least some of the parts of these devices function as motor.

Creating a solution with IDL Motors’ breakthrough technology opens a totally new perspective and innovative approach to solving your problems.

You are cordially invited to work with IDL experts to design a solution perfectly tailored to your specific application.

Our major advantage is our ability to combine multiple components into a single solution, where we control both the performance and the specification of the component to meet or exceed the desired characteristics.

As an example;  for the possible improvements of the limited thickness electronic cooling devices we have developed the Ultra Thin Radial air module with the Ratio between Diameter and Thickness D/T = 10/1. In other words if you need a radial Impeller (Cross-flow or Centrifugal) 3 mm THK, so the Diameter of the Impeller could be 30 mm. And, we do have the right Geometry of the blades and casing for that. According to our tests the known Geometry is not sufficient enough.

Very often we do things that other people cannot. Just try us out.