Founded in 1951, Industrial Design Labs (IDL) specialized in manufacturing air filtration systems used for defense against nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) weapons. These air filtration systems included an air moving device, such as an electric fan or blower, producing a significant amount of air volume at high static pressure.

Later, in the 90’s, IDL Motors engineers have incorporated several unique designs of very special thin and ultra thin motors (both radial and linear) to work alongside the radial or any linear moving device.

Today, all company products are innovative, smaller in size and higher in efficiency than their predecessors.

In the near future, using significant experience and know-how in the area of breakthrough electric motors (radial and linear), integrated in a variety of different applications, the company will continue the dramatic enhancement of thermal management solutions for a wide variety of markets.

The company will also continue the development and production of several options for Linear Motor Drives.

This unique technology enables any object to move controllably on top of a smooth surface, without electrical connection or mechanical guides.